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This is by far my FAVORITE smell to date!! I love all the scents, but Santal and Coconut takes the cake!

It smells and looks amazing!

I love the personal "Thank You" card I received with my orders and the samples as well. You will definitely get my business again!

Did Someone Say Candy Canes?

This smells just like candy canes and I will be needing more of them for this coming winter!

Gingerbread, 8 oz Scented Candle
Can I Eat This Lol - Just Kidding

I need to order more of these for next winter lol because I will be needing them! They smell amazing!

Spring in Candle Form

This candle smells like spring. The scent is AMAZING and refreshing. I can’t wait to add to my rotation. Will definitely be purchasing more!!!

Absolutely Love!! πŸ€—

I cannot say enough about this candle. It is to die for! The scent is perfect and it last so long for its size. I love the fact that the candles are vegan, hand-poured and crafted with love πŸ’•

Must have

This scent is absolutely amazing! The combination is fantastic! My new favorite scent of the season. Well done!!!

I just fired up this Self Love candle. This candle smells like Angel's Breath lol. This candle is amazing.