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About Us

Here at Inflection Point, Holistic Wellness, we focus on holistic wellness by promoting other’s to make time for self care and aim to harness the power of scent to create a sacred space that triggers joy and relaxation within your home or office. We specialize in home scents and creating feel good moments within your space because let’s be honest, the world needs more feel-good moments these days! With an array of complex and comforting scents, we are sure to have something for everyone. Create joyous new memories and imprint them in your mind with one of our beautiful candles, wax melts, room sprays or Aromatherapy bath products. All of our products are made using positive intentions, love and proper, safe, hygiene practices to ensure our customer's receive the safest and best quality products.

We believe that self love is the secret to happiness and success. However, self love doesn't just stop at bubble baths and face masks. We must take care of mind, body and soul to be full enough to truly love and appreciate the people and things around us and to live a life of true joy and abundance.


Why Inflection Point?

  • Vegan and Eco-Friendly- We only use 100% American grown, organic soy wax in our products. Unlike most of our major competitors, we decided against paraffin wax completely as it is a byproduct of petroleum and takes much longer to decompose. Using our all natural organic soy wax ensures a cleaner, slower burn in our candles and a much cleaner wax melt cleanup. All of our packaging materials are recyclable or bio-degradable. Our vessel are made of recyclable glass or aluminum and can be reused for storage, succulent planters or mini terrariums. The upcycling possibilities are endless with a little creativity! It is our mission to leave as minimal carbon footprint as possible and are dedicated to educating our customers on how to incorporate a minimal waste lifestyle into their lives.


  • Safer Wicks- Our wicks are zinc and lead free! We use flat braided cotton wicks with paper threads woven in for stability. The reinforced construction of the wick is designed to ensure a consistent burn and produce excellent heat throw to your space.


  • Non-Toxic, Clean Air Certified fragrances- It is our mission to provide our customers with the safest, vegan, eco-friendly products on the market. To ensure we live up to these standards we ensure each of our scents are clean air certified meaning they do not emit toxins in the air and are phthalate free, paraben free, toxic free, carcinogen free and cruelty free. 


  • Community Focused- We are not just a home scents manufacturer. We are at the forefront of a movement! A movement of educating, motivating and inspiring our communities through fundraising for community organizations that align with our values, bringing awareness to our neighborhoods of the power of positivity and promoting self care of mind, body and spirit. 


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